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  The sun was particularly hot today, it bit at your skin viciously. If you were any normal easily sun burnt kid you would want to cry right about now, but your no sissy kid; You're a Strider, and Striders had to walk as big as they talked. You've been training like this on the hot tar roof with your brother longer than your memory could provide you. The blade came swinging as close to your face as it could come without actually cutting you. You should really remember to stop being so forgetful, zoning out is a bad idea when your that close to the edge of a 20 story building.
  "Bro.." You spoke deliriously. Somehow talking really seemed to aggravate your already upset stomach. The image of your brother seemed off, obviously your eyes were acting up, as they do from time to time. The world seemed to tilt back and forth, when you realized you were actually moving in this motion. You drop to your knees, feeling as though you were about to lose the bit of food you at earlier today.  Your stomach writhing as an up burst of pain rose from your stomach, throat, and painfully hitting the back of your palette.

  You open your eyes in a drowsy haze. You change your attention to your surroundings. It seems you've been put into your bed; the blankets are on you, or at least, a half-ass attempt to do so. You wonder what happened. You sit up, and immediately begin feeling shaky. Your hands tremble, and you get the feeling this is going to be a long day. You figure you must have suffered heat exhaustion, and passed out. Pretty lame, if you do say so yourself.

You meander your way into the kitchen, taking each shaky step with caution. Bro could pop up at any second, and if you lose your cool for even a brief moment, you wouldn't be able to live it down. (Especially after what happened earlier.)  You look into your cupboard expecting to be showered in an array of puppet proboscis, but no such fruity rumpuses are here to ruin your day at this point in time.

You take out a glass and fill it with cold water from the tap. You take a drink hoping that it might help stave off your terrible shaking, but it didn't. You drank down the rest of the glass, and went to set it on the counter when you saw a familiar shape hastily move into view. Looking over you see what this is, and breathe a sigh of relief. It's only lil' Cal. You stare at him. His soulless puppet eyes stare back at you. This goes on for quite some time, it's terrifying. You hesitantly give him a fist bump, and turn your back on him to set the glass onto the counter.

  "HEE HEE HEE  HOO HOO HOO HEE HEE HEE." You jump dropping the glass and almost manage to fall on your ass, but fortunately, Striders are like cats.
"Cal? Y- you can talk?" You stammered. You cleared your throat, and tried to drop the scared shit. You're a cool kid, not a sissy remember? It went silent for quite some time. You breathed again and walked out of the room, and back towards yours. You must be hallucinating. That's it.

"HEE HEE HEE  HOO HOO HOO HEE HEE HEE." The laughter rang out again bouncing off of the walls.  You slammed your door, the extra effort put a large amount of strain on your mangrit. Which you have little to none at this point in time. You fall to the floor this time. Your vision seems to be giving out again. Your pretty sick aren't you? Maybe you should go to a doctor? No. That's bullshit. Striders don't need doctors. Your pretty adamant about this, you've refused to go to a doctor so long as you can remember, and this time wouldn't be any different. You pick yourself up, and manage to crawl your ass into bed.

You hear your door open and look. There is no one there. Damn, you must be imagining things.  You heave a heavy sigh and lay down trying to sleep off this shitty sickness. You open your eyes to find Bro. He's standing over you, camera in hand.

"What the hell Bro? Don't tell me I don't want to be spoiled to the amazing thing that I know is going to happen next. I'm going to pull up my fucking blankets and find a shit ton of puppet ass." You've been asleep? You felt like you just closed your eyes, but then again, Bro is pretty sneaky. You pull up the blankets and throw all the puppets at your Bro staring him down. He turns the camera off.

"So what do you want for dinner?" He asks whipping out his cellphone.

"Oh jengus so hard to choose. I don't know what flavor of pizza would be the most disgusting at this point?" It was pizza month. Pizza month being a month long for the purpose of irony. Normally you'd be all up for this sort of thing.

Bro pockets his cell. "You're really sick aren't ya?" He asked, near the end his accent slipped a tad. "So what am I supposed to check your temperature, and make you feel all better?" All that being said was merely a formality. Dave didn't want to be babied by his elder in any way, and sometimes Bro found it increasingly hard to play along with on days like today.

"No way, just do shit the way it's supposed to be done, and I'll be fine. Now, let's get a Hawaiian or something."

Bro nods and places the order.

School's pretty boring, the teachers are tools, and so are the kids. You look out the window, instinctively clutching your sleeve, a habit you've only recently come across. It's a pretty normal day.  The bell rings. You stand up, grabbing your bag. Walking out of the room you head towards your locker, getting ready to open it. You're only beginning to feel a bit dizzy, until it suddenly feels like an all out assault on your body--

Everything goes black.

You start to hear the sounds of a rushed atmosphere. Sirens are running, and there are indistinguishable conversations going on. Your eyes begin to flutter, but you can't open them. You feel heavy, like your entire body weighs more in every place imaginable. A light is flashed across your eyes, it hurts you and causes your eyes to shift about under the heavy lids. "He's responsive!" You hear an unfamiliar voice call, pretty close to yourself.


Your name is Bro Strider. Actually, your name is Dirk Strider.  But most people call you Bro. You knew there was something wrong with Dave as soon as he'd gotten home, but in accordance to the way he persisted, you didn't treat him any differently. It was only when he'd given chuck a good upping you decided to help him. Though it really wasn't hard, him being nearly unconscious afterward. You drag him downstairs, Toss him on the bed, and carefully throw a blanket over him. When he comes out of his room, you come quickly to check up on him, and leave lil' Cal out, as a kind of excuse to be there.
He proceeds to flip the fuck out. You have no idea why he says that lil' Cal is talking. He very obviously isn't- because he is after all just a puppet. Dave none the less scrambles off to his room and slams the door. You were going to just leave him alone, but you can't help notice he's been in there for a bit. You check his room to find his sleeping form nestled up in bed, yet again.

So you pull the blanket off him and throw a pile of Smuppets onto him, ensuring that he would take this as a normal form of your brotherly hazing. Stirring a bit in his bed, Dave started to wake up. You toss the blanket back over him, and pull a camera from your fetch modus. After some time he opens his eyes, and he gets pissed off at you. He really doesn't normally get that angry to be honest. There must really be something wrong with him. He persists as usual, and you two eat pizza in separate rooms in the end.

You really regret letting Dave slip away, but you honestly thought it was just a stupid cold. Now you are sitting by your brother's bed in the hospital, and all you can do to look like you don't give a shit is to leave every few hours. If you stayed any longer he'd know that you were worried. Sometimes you hated the way that you and your brother's relationship was. You were cold and distant, and he refused to allow you to be anything else, taking it as an insult to his pride.

Most of the time when you left his hospital room you headed down to the smoking benches near the hospital, sat outside of it, and lit up. You'd actually dropped smoking a few years prior, after you struck it rich with puppet porno. But now seemed like a great time to pick it back up. Especially with what they had to tell Dave when he woke up. Especially with how it had been your fault.
So you remember this story? I've updated it, and rewritten a few parts, and now I am going to start updating it. I have few chapters put together so far. : )

Originally requested by :iconbiju-ai:
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